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SkyWriter wrote:
Speaking as one of the people that are trying to understand your points, I suggest you should bypass this forum and my input, and address your concerns directly through mail, or a preferably a phone call to talk to the people who can help you. My attempts to understand your points are clearly not up to your expectatations, or serving to merely antagonize you; which is not my intent. I’ve spent my 35+ years of professional career (before I retired) in hardware/software design, and view music as a hobby. I’m as convinced I know what I’m talking about as much as you’re convinced you know what you talking about. I suggest you take touy concerns to the descision makes directly rather than hash it out with fellow users. I don’t want this minor conflict to end as dislike for one another, I don’t believe message boards are the best way to comunicate, and I hope our apparent disagreement will turn in to a long term dislike of one another; and to the end I apologize if I appeared antagonistic, or used language to bait you, I hope you do get what you want I just don’t think is going to happen the way you and I have acted. My please accept apologies.

No apologies necessary. We can agree to disagree, that’s fine. 🙂 Sorry if I’ve been harsh, it’s a particular pain point that keeps being hit by this industry so it breeds a blunt vocabulary after a while.

It’s obvious that audio processing or hardware integrations with Android will be hard to do for a long time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Digitech choosing to work with the iPad for their IPB pedalboard for instance. It’s just dissapointing that this entire industry then subsequently ignores that enormous chunk of the market where they *can* connect with customers and provide a better experience. It’s an enormous waste. Beyond my personal impedance to use the product (sucks, but I’ll live) it’s the wasted opportunity to innovate that gets to me.

It’s also a vicious circle. By never making musicians apps for this market, it creates an enormous bias towards this other system (like you said: “go buy an iPad”), this isn’t healthy either. 

I have taken it up with Eventide directly. They respond as earlier in this thread … “it’s only made for iOS, that was our target, you’re welcome to come work for us and fix it”…