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So far, so good.  I’m running through the new options with a PitchFactor now.  Win 8.1 laptop direct USB to my H9, & to the PF.

I should report that the Direct Updater option to [Choose] a sysex backup file saved a .syx of 0 bytes.  I wasn’t too concerned with backing up the pedal before updating, as everything is backed up in Preset Lists under H9 Control.  But when I saw the option in the update, I gave it a try.  The Direct Updater lost contact with the PitchFactor immediately after clicking OK.  The PitchFactor display continued to sequence through PG 0, … PG 99.  I did need to reboot the PF into UPDATE mode, Search Devices again in the Updater, and restart the beta update process.

In H9 Control after a successful PitchFactor update, the Routing selection under General Settings was not there / inaccessible.  It turns out that it can only seen with H9 Control window maximized to full screen.  I contrasted that observation with 12 visible selections at all times for the H9 under its own General Settings.

Minor issues.  This was an amazing update for the H9, and even better when all of that trickles down to ‘Factor pedals.  I’m surprised that MIDI Merge & Momentary Switch aren’t getting more buzz.  (Maybe they’re just getting buried under the other sexy new features.)  ‘Momentary’ has me carving out some space to return (at least) a dual Aux Switch to the ‘board.