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coirbidh_99 wrote:

Now that we’ve got the pre/post and wet/dry options up and running, a great additional option would be a mono effects loop: your signal comes into the L input, is effected by the H9/Factor, the 100% wet signal is sent through the L output and returned through the R input, and then immediately mixed with the dry signal using the Mix control for output at the R output.  This might only really make sense for Space and TimeFactor (and related H9 algorithms), but it would provide a great way to post-process your effected signal with outboard gear and then use the pedal as a mixer to recombine.  For looping (infinite delay, infinite reverb, or Looping algorithm), in particular, this would be a hugely useful feature.  You could fake it at present with the wet/dry feature and an outboard mixer, but it would be really handy to have it all work within the pedal.  For bonus points, give us an option to put the effects loop *inside* the feedback path of delay and reverb algorithms, for cascading effects.




I totally agree with that and actually I was hoping that being added in the last update. Same as the fake series delays “hack” with the Timefactor.


It would be awesome if we could have that as a per-preset option for all of the time-based algorithms.