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Thank you all for your awesome ideas and suggestions.

Part of what I love about Eventide is that all of their pedals can work as a MIDI clock source, which seems so important for a any pedal that uses rhythmic effects, such as arpeggiation.  So many other companies (Strymon, Boss, Roland, Line6 and even Fractal) overlook this very important feature, and I don’t understand why.

Also, I like the Factor units because they are super sturdy.

However, to get what I want from Eventide, I’d have to buy all their pedals plus an 8-step and a midi controller, and then program them all individually.

The H9 is cool, because it does everything, but it only does one thing at a time.  I would love to seen an H9-like product that can run multiple algorithms simultaneously, and with the ability to step-sequence modulation and pitch effects.  I don’t think anyone would be able to compete with that.

Until then…..