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AAgnello wrote:

.. we’d love to have an Android version.

It boggles the mind that two years after release, there is still no meaningful progress in this then. I’m not being cynical, just genuinely confused that this is possible if you want it as much as you say. Of course it’s hard but everybody and their uncle is building apps these days. What is it about this job opening that makes it seemingly impossible to fill? Is the app built with a framework that not many devs master? Is the communication with the pedal very specific? By being more transparent about this you will take away a lot of frustration *and* allow people to help you.

– Have you thought of giving the job to an agency that can take this off your hands completely? (expensive, but more guarantee of success and timeframe)

– Are you fishing in the right pond? Try diving into the dev community and posting on places like http://careers.stackoverflow.com/

– Is it possible to adjust the parameters of the job, is C++ with Juce an absolute requirement or could it be done otherwise or for instance by someone who can learn how to work with Juce on the go?

(no need to answer these here, just suggestions that you may or may not have thought of already)

ps. by fix I simply meant “do it”