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I saw I had posted this in another thread a while back but I guess it should go here.  It was for a Pitchfactor and Modfactor but I’m now the owner of a pair of H9s.  Basically the idea is that some of the deep menu options would be nice to access by MIDI, but ESPECIALLY cycling the input source (guitar vs. bass).

I have a Pitchfactor and Modfactor on my effects board that I use for both guitar and bass.  One feature I would really like to see in a Factor series/H9 update is the ability to change the “source input” via a MIDI CC rather than needing to do this by digging into the menus.  In particular, as I use MIDI Designer on an iPad (using adapters to get to the physical MIDI connection), I could set up one meta-command to give the command for both units.

I would be interested in MIDI CC for other options (turn on/off MIDI clock?, etc.), but changing the input source is by far the thing I would really like to be able to control without doing a menu dive.