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Here’s the details:


H9 Serial H9-04304

Firmware 5.2.0[1]

H9 Control 2.4.0

iOS iPad Air 1st Gen

Clock Source BeatBuddy (BB)


Now, the interesting bit is, all is fine when BB is Stopped or Paused – the MIDI Clock is sent from BB, Tap LED on H9 is blinking happily to the incoming clock, and presets switch just fine from H9 Control. It’s when BB starts playing (and apparently sends MIDI Start message) after first or, sometimes, second or third preset switch from H9 Control, the H9 freezes H9 Control shows the error message: sm_response_timeout.

H9 then UNfreezes only when MIDI cable is plugged out from H9 MIDI In. 

When Bluetooth communication is disabled all works fine when BB is either stopped or playing, and presets are changed with Preset button and Encoder wheel.


Please let me know if you have any further questions, ‘cause we need this problem resolved ASAP for gigging musicians (like me ) using H9 Control to manage and switch H9 presets “on the fly” during a song, i.e. when BB is PLAYING.