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wedelich wrote:

pzaz wrote:

Wow! I think I have just wasted £18.99. I don’t seem to be having much luck with the looper. Half the time it doesn’t play back any sound. Oh well back to theRoland.


Hi pzaz,

Would you kindly be more specific about the problems you are having with the looper, namely: 

1. What’s your setup (how is the H9 hooked up)?

2. What actions are you performing with the H9 Looper? 

3. What did you expect to happen? 

4. What actually happened? 


Please be as detailed as possible so we can assist you well. 



Hi Support thanks for coming back really quickly.

It’s hooked up as part of my effects loop on my boogie amp. H9 works fine there.

I have managed to get a response from the looper but 7 out of 10 it plays back with no audio. I am using the basic looper patch.

I have a midi board sending cc to record play stop and empty.

I expected it to record my awfull looping skills but I didn’t always get a response from it and so I became a bit frustrated with it.

Maybe I need to spend afew hours experimenting. I also quickly discovered that trying to loop without some form of click track doesn’t work very well.