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Thanks for posting that compilation, K.C.  To address the missing visual components:

Post #11  Binson SlowArpegg – 2nd Image (preset by David Kaeser – stereo version)


Post #11  EchorecSwellMids – 3rd Image


Post #11  EchorecFiltSweep – 4th Image 


Post #11  E-RecChaosRhythm – 5th Image  


Post #16  BinCat4HeadTaper – 2nd Image

I don’t think I missed any orphaned images.  Just for kicks, here’s one of the newer presets that goes a bit beyond vintage emulation.  Binson LongSwells may be “inspired by Binson”, but it’s hand-assembled on Planet Eventide. Four stacked playback heads in Position #4, strained through an E scale over 2-1/2 octaves, sprinkled with a touch of reverb, and stirred into a blur of repeats.

Expression Pedal Heel:  FB2:  75

Expression Pedal Toe:   FREEZE


HotSwitch OFF:  LENGTH  310 mS

HotSwitch OFF:  RHYTHM

HotSwitch ON:   LENGTH  1000 mS

HotSwitch ON:   RHYTHM

The unique part about this expression pedal mapping is not that it adds even more level into an already wet feedback routing.  FREEZE is at the extreme toe position.  So, you can use about the last eighth of your pedal travel to mix new input into the delay buffer  – OR –  You can FREEZE the current contents of the buffer, and block live input from the delay lines.  It’s a nicely dynamic performance technique.

The HotSwitch snaps the delay time from “Binson Maximum” to “Catalinbread maximum”.  The four heads spread out to equal spacing in the RHYTHM parameter.  This will highlight the pattern degradation in FEEDBACK, plus accentuate the NOTE(x) and RESONANCE influences.

I think that this preset illustrates a bit of the power behind the Eventide algorithms that often gets overlooked.  Complimentary blends of Expression Pedal mappings with HotSwitch parameters … your preset versatility just went up a few orders of magnitude.  We’re not even talking other onboard switches, MIDI, or auxiliary switch control.

Just take the ability to map up to ten parameters – in any combination, range, or direction – under one foot control, plus 2 presets-in-one with the tap of a switch.  Now craft the interaction between expression pedal and HotSwitch for morphing & nested presets.