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I am sorry, maybe I didn’t express properly myself. 

I make an example: I want 3 repetition that sounds at the same volume of the dry suond and I want also to set time with the tap tempo. So i set knobs as follows: dry-wet knob 50%, delay mix 100% a, feedbak a 3, feedbak b 0.

The issue is that  no delay effects allow you to choose the volume of the repetition, they only decrease.

I noticed that only multitap mode allows you to set the volume of the repetition (depth knob)  but in this mode feedback does’t correspont to the exact number of repetition (eg. feedback 1 doesn’t correspond to only one repetition).

I had a simple memory man with hazarai and I was used to set the volume of each repetition with volume and decay knobs, with timefactor seems impossible.