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      Hello everybody.

      I have encountered a problem configuring my timefactor.

      I am not able to set my repetition volume and number as I wish.

      As far as I understood, concerning the number of repetitions I should turn feedback knob, it works with all the delay effects excepted multitap mode ( e.g level 1 of feedback starts from 4 repeats and not 1 as I would like).

      Concerning the volume of repetitions I can set them only in multitap mode, depth knob.

      Thus, I am not able to set a delay with only 2 or 3 repetitions which has the same volume (as I would like) but only decreasing.

      Milions of cheapest delay can set these two obvious functions, I can’t belive timefactor can’t do. 

      So where am I wrong? thanks everybody



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      I am not noticing anything different with timefactor then any other delay, I have ever used. If I read you right,  just set the time for delay A and feedback for one repeat, and the set the time for delay B at when you want the second repeat. Since each delay algorithm is set up to do different things, I would chose the digital algorithm for what I think you want.

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      I am sorry, maybe I didn’t express properly myself. 

      I make an example: I want 3 repetition that sounds at the same volume of the dry suond and I want also to set time with the tap tempo. So i set knobs as follows: dry-wet knob 50%, delay mix 100% a, feedbak a 3, feedbak b 0.

      The issue is that  no delay effects allow you to choose the volume of the repetition, they only decrease.

      I noticed that only multitap mode allows you to set the volume of the repetition (depth knob)  but in this mode feedback does’t correspont to the exact number of repetition (eg. feedback 1 doesn’t correspond to only one repetition).

      I had a simple memory man with hazarai and I was used to set the volume of each repetition with volume and decay knobs, with timefactor seems impossible. 

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      maybe I didn’t express myself properly.


      I try make you an example:


      I want a delay with a tap tempo setted with 3 repetitions that have the same volume of the dry signal.


      I set knobs as follows: “dry-wet” at 50%, “delay mix” 100% a, “dly time” a 4/4, “feedback a” 3, “feedback b” 0, and I choose the time with the tap tempo.


      With the exception of “multi tap” (depth knob), no delay effects let you adjust the volume of the repetitions, they are only decreasing.


      The issue is that in “multi tap” mode I can’t set up an exact amount of repetitions with feedback knob (eg 1 does not correspond to one feedback).


      I had an electro harmonix with hazarai delay (please find a pic attached) and I was used to set the volume of the repetitions with blend and decay.


      how can I properly set the exact number of repetitions and its volume on my timefactor?

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