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maybe I didn’t express myself properly.


I try make you an example:


I want a delay with a tap tempo setted with 3 repetitions that have the same volume of the dry signal.


I set knobs as follows: “dry-wet” at 50%, “delay mix” 100% a, “dly time” a 4/4, “feedback a” 3, “feedback b” 0, and I choose the time with the tap tempo.


With the exception of “multi tap” (depth knob), no delay effects let you adjust the volume of the repetitions, they are only decreasing.


The issue is that in “multi tap” mode I can’t set up an exact amount of repetitions with feedback knob (eg 1 does not correspond to one feedback).


I had an electro harmonix with hazarai delay (please find a pic attached) and I was used to set the volume of the repetitions with blend and decay.


how can I properly set the exact number of repetitions and its volume on my timefactor?