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SkyWriter wrote:
Hi! good question! I like your midi foot controller. I have four H9’s but haven’t put together a framework like yours to coordinate them. One suggestion I might have, that could have been taken care of with your pedal board, is the assignment of aux and performance switches for each of your H9’s. I see you have a pedal, and assume it’s configured as an expression pedal for one (or more) of the H9’s. For now, mine are ‘setup’ with no preset configuration. I’m also not using them with only a guitar. For me, it’s a piece (or several pieces) of studio gear for any use. Although I have several rackmount eventides (H3000, GTR4000, H8000FW), the H9’s have that ‘simply accessible’ nature about them that make effects plug-n-play easy for a wide range of use cases.


HI! I’ve never owned racks but I can only imagine the sonic possibilities. I have to agree, the accesibiity of the h9’s makes me feel like I have the world at my feet sometimes lol.

Unfortunately the mastermind doesn’t really function well as a looper controller, and I wasn’t able to find a midi controller that functioned well as one with the h9 while doing presets/cc messages at the same time, so i use the aux controller mainly as a looper controller, (Stop, Reverse, Record), but is it possible to control multiple H9’s with just 1 aux controller?