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Ok, then If I understand right, the Harpeggiator can be in sync both with the Midi Clock and/or the Global Tempo, But can we say that the Arp will be quantized to the Global Tempo or Midi clock? For instance, if I choose a sequence for the Harpeggiator,do it follow the global tempo or it will be indipendent from it?

Do the Looper will be Quantized to the Global Tempo system too?

You said : ” There are devices you can connect to a computer to stabilize the values being generated by a DAW” I will use Cubase as the main Master Midi Clock source, could you give me some examples of those devices?

About the Aux Switch, after I map it to the “Performance switch” option in the H9 Control, do it will correspond to the same original function found on the Factor’s Pedal algorithm? (For example, the Flex/Learn function of the Pitch Factor.) There will be a similar assignment  function for the EXP pedal?