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Here are some base presets that I use when I don’t want to lug around one of the racks.  They’re close enough to the AD-220 processing, but there’s no way I can replicate the sound of all of those MN3004 chips.  The delay time ranges are exact, and the FILTER bandwidths add reasonably accurate limitations.  Both DELAYs have duplicated values.

I adjust the FEEDBACK A & B and MOD DEPTH / MOD SPEED to fit the situation.  DELAY A & B times are mapped to the expression pedal, and authentically ‘bend in pitch’.  WET MIX (“Delay Level” in the AD-220) to taste.


  • Effect Type: Delay
  • Delay Range 20 ms – 500 ms [@ 700 Hz]


  • Effect Type: Delay
  • Delay Range 15 ms – 150 ms [@ 2.5 kHz] 


  • Effect Type:  Delay
  • Delay Range 10 ms – 75 ms [@ 5 kHz]  


  • Effect Type:  Flanger
  • Delay Range 1 ms to 22 ms [5 kHz***]
  • (1 ms – 13 ms in some inaccuarte vintage advertisements)

*** OK, so I cheated on the 5 kHz. limits.  I like to hear the ‘thru-0’ accents on the multiple-waveform flanging in all of their glory.