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No rant, just observation:

As a musician as well as a music teacher, I get to see a variety of people`s mobile devices and how they use it for music purposes. An overwhelming majority of my acquaintances use Android devices. It IS the dominant platform. With that said, I am also aware that manufacturers and specific devices having their own individual quirks makes offering a globally valid app a bigger challenge than it seems.


The amplifier I use has an iOS app (H&K GrandMeister. It`s fully midi programmable) that H&K supports. A single individual from the middle of bumfart egypt made a PC and Andriod version of the iOS app all on his own and it works like a charm. It can be done, and I`m led to believe it`s simply a matter of proactive initiative. 


Eventide obviously puts a lot of work into their products. They`ve been legendary in the market for decades. I am an andriod user, and I would LOVE to see that app happen. I don`t enjoy having to maintain a second laptop just to connect to my H9 via bluetooth (my new Toshiba won`t connect. It did very briefly and stopped with the newest Control app version). I don`t believe it has ANYTHING to to with them simply not wanting to address the android platform. That would be utterly foolish. I think maybe a decision was made early on that may have ended up shooting them in the foot, and now they have to answer to an overlooked demand without throwing away the work that got the device running in the first place. Should it be taking so long? Probably not, but the obstacles are theirs, not ours. How completely self righteous is it for us to be angry with a company who made a fantastic product that works perfectly out of the box, and in fact CAN be adjusted and programmed without any external devices (despite it being an arduous task), but doesn`t offer an interface to make it easier in a way that suits us to our liking?

It`s as valid as me getting pissy because Logic Pro X doesn`t run on Windows. Suck it up, buttercup. It`s the way it is. So I use Studio One 3 instead.


(so….how much longer for an android app? 😀 )