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entreat69 wrote:

I'm trying to use the Bluetooth function on my Dell XPS 15z to connect to my H9 units and tried opening the H9 Control App and clicked on "Manually select a device" which prompted me a choice of "Connect via MISI" or "Connect via Bluetooth". I clicked on "Connect via Bluetooth" and i was prompted a COM Port which shows COM 1 to COM16. I clicked on each one from 1 to 16 in subsequent tries but i get an error message "H9 Control.exe has stopped working. Perhaps i'm missing a necessary step but can you advice me please? Thanks.

We added that 'Connect via Bluetooth' section as a last resort method of connecting via Bluetooth.  Normally, you'll want to go through the process described in the H9 Control manual of adding the H9 as a device and H9 Control *should* just automatically find it after doing so.


We've had mixed reports from people using Bluetooth devices built into Windows laptops.  We heard from two owners of Toshiba laptops in particular with built in Bluetooth devices who just could not get their laptops to connect to the H9 via Bluetooth, but both of them were able to solve their problem by installing the latest Bluetooth drivers for their Bluetooth chips.