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Hm. You're right. The updater in H9 Control still isn't working;  although the server is up again, you can't reach the small website on that server that manages the H9 Control updates.  I'll ask our IT guy to fix that as soon as he can.

The Eventide Direct Updater is working again though and you could use that to update your H9 from Windows.  (I just went through the process of installing the latest H9 update myself to make sure you wouldn't run into any problems.)  It comes bundled with H9 Control.  So, if you've installed H9 Control, you should be able to find a link to the Eventide Direct Updater under H9 Control's folder in Windows start menu.  (Or you could also just download the latest version from the support page;  just select any of the factor pedals as the product to get the links for downloading the Eventide Direct Updater.)  You'll want to boot your H9 into update mode by starting it up with the HotKnob switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9 pressed before connecting it to the Eventide Direct Updater.