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Hi all,

Thought I’d jump into this thread rather than start a new one.

I’ve just traded for an H9 Max with a mate. I have a MusicomLabs MkIV controller.

I’m not too fluent in MIDI-speak.. I’ve managed to set up the Mobius fine to switch presets, turn on and off using CC15 button etc, but I’m having a bit of a nightmare with the H9.

I’ll overview everything I’ve done. Can you please let me know if anything stands out as wrong?

I currently have the MIDI cables going MkIV -> H9 -> Mobius

But I have the MIDI channels set up as Mobius 1, H9 2 (I didn’t think this would matter) as that’s how it was when I had a Timeline.

I’ve set the H9 to channel 2 in control.

I’ve set CC16 to channel to in the MkIV.

I’ve set the H9 to Thru.

I have set the activate/deactivate CC to 102 in Control.

Yet, when I click the CC16 switch in the MkIV if does not turn the H9 on and off.

If I cycle through the patch on the MkIV, it cycles through the presets in the H9 as I previously set the MkIV up as ‘patch 1 = preset 1’, ‘patch 2 = preset 2’ etc.

So that part seems to work fine.

But I’d like to be able to turn the H9 on and off with each preset as needed. But I can’t seem to do this.

Also… The tuner doesn’t seem to work..?!

I’ve tried just plugging directly into the H9 with a guitar and it still didn’t want to work.

Any idea why the tuner may not be responding?

I really wanted to lose my tuner and just use the H9!

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Would love to get this sorted..

Appreciate any help.