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I guess no suitable volunteer or otherwise has been found since the last posts here…

I read through this thread and found it interesting.  I was not aware that Eventide is not a large company with all the high end history.  I think its all good, I prefer small companies over corporations and conglomerates.  Of course, that means you have to pick your battles and put the resources where they have the greatest return.

Thats not to say an Android app wouldn’t have a great return.



I would like to understand something about the development tough: One could really just duplicate the outputs and inputs from the iOS app like a hacker would but with the benefit of being handed the codes of the H9 protocol in all detail, after all, there must be a design document that lists that for every function (are you sending MIDI over BT?).

I don’t really see why this can’t be outsourced to a smart Android guy who doesn’t need to have a clue of C++ or Juce.  He’s just blindly duplicating UI and protocol from the iOS app, taking care of his internal processes with Java.


It sounds a little like the Android app is being held up because you want the guy doing it, to also be able to do further general purpose development to extend functionality. A noble goal for sure, but how about this, to get things done:

Outsource duplicating the iOS app in Android to a guy with high rating at Guru.com or the like. Make sure he fully documents his code and, well maybe find one who will use a cross platform framework.  However, Apple has previously taken steps against cross platform frameworks (claiming performance would suffer), so this wouldn’t be an option without talking to Apple first.


So, my course of action would be this:

1) ask Apple about using a cross platform framework (since you have limited resources and the application is just a librarian and settings editor.

Maybe your Apple contact has some useful suggestions.

2) If you can’t find someone to oursource this to (and maybe don’t like to get someone from India over a web site because of security reasons (store / licensing), you could either not allow purchasing from the Android app, or you could check locally for some people with obvious Android track records as follows:

– Check the Android app store for people who made sophisticated and polished apps that didn’t quite turn into blockbusters.

– Check the XDA developer’s forum for all those people managing to write custom ROMs without a shred of information from the manufacturers. A lot of them are gifted and not exactly making a lot of money.  Some of these people have been hired by phone manufacturers.

– If you can’t find a C++ and Java programmer with Android experience, and you can’t use a framework for any reason, you could continue doing all new additions for iOS first with your existing team that must already have C++ and iOS developers – and then just outsource the updating of the Android app to the same Android guy.


I doubt anyone here would be mad if we couldn’t buy algorithms through Android and would still have to use the computer for that, where you’ve already taken care of any needed security.


Just my 7 or 8 cents on the subject.  I’d be perfectly happy to ask around for someone qualified, but I’d like to understand why you’re so far thinking the Android guy would need to also be the C++/JUCE guy – maybe you envision him doing something else besides the Android app.


Eh, that got kind of long, but only slightly redundant  😉