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krcassid wrote:
krcassid wrote:

Hi Guys:  Sorry if this has been asked before.  I looked and didn’t see it.  I just got my H9Max and opened dropbox on my Ipad (which is connected to H9 via bluetooth).  I can see the presets in dropbox and I checked off a number of them to “use offline” (which I assumed meant they would be downloade to Ipad).  But, I don’t see them in H9 control even after rebooting it. I see only the Factory presets.  Can somebody tell me how to access these on IPad?  I think it’s pretty sraightforward on PC/Mac where you have files/ directories but I don’t know how to do it on Ipad.

Thx!  And, it’s awesome that you guys have put so many files up there.  I will definately try to contribute.


No help on this?  Is anybody using dropbox presets w/ IPad and can explain how to access them?  I actually went out and got a blutooth adapter but can’t connect PC that way either.  Would like to use IPad but all I can see are the presets in the H9 and the ones I’ve created.  Thx!

I can’t help you on iPad – I use a usb cable from my PC to my H9 or Bluetooth on my PC – I tried 3 Bluetooth adapters till I found one that works great-
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 3.0,2.1,2.0 compatible
Works on Windows Xp through windows 8

I still have to manually connect to com 8 or whatever com your PC is using to send the Bluetooth signal on, works great.