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Well, I just looked around the office.  We don't have a MIDI Mouse here.  But I can explain to you how to go about figuring this out.  If I were you, I'd hook the MIDI Mouse up to my computer and look at what MIDI messages it's sending when you press it's buttons.  On Mac there's an app called MIDI Monitor which does this, and on Windows you can use MIDI OX.  Then, once you know what it's sending out you can double check in H9 Control how your H9 is configured to respond to these messages.  You just go into Pedal Settings / MIDI Settings.  You can find MIDI CC mappings under "Assign MIDI CC to pedal functions" and you can find program change mappings under "Program change receive map."  It's got to be sending either MIDI CC or program change messages, or some mix of the two.