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      I’m new to using MIDI pedals. I recently bought a Tech 21 Midi Mouse to switch between presets on my H9.

      When I first bought it, it worked fine. It only has 3 buttons; up, down and active/search

      The active switch mode would activate the presets as I switched up and down the presets. The seach mode would search through the presets but not activate it until I pressed the active/search switch again. In the search mode, the preset names would be displayed on the H9 as I scrolled through the preset before I active it (so I knew what each preset was). However, that has since changed. I’m not sure what I changed, but when I’m in search mode now, the preset number goes up/down on the midi mouse, but not the H9. The H9 display still shows the name of the last active preset as I scroll through with the midi mouse. This means that I can’t see what presets I’m scrolling through before I active it. 

      I’ve reset the H9 in hope of returning it to how it was before with no luck. Can anyone help me with this please? Much appreciated! 



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      I looked through the MIDI Mouse's manual.  They don't really explain how the thing works; they never say what messages it is actually sending out in active or search mode.  What version of the H9 software do you have installed?  Did it work differently with a previous release of the H9 software?  If so, which one? 

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      Thanks for your response. 

      I couldn’t find any info on the MIDI Mouse either. I’ve only ever had version 5.2.0 installed on the H9. 

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      Well, I just looked around the office.  We don't have a MIDI Mouse here.  But I can explain to you how to go about figuring this out.  If I were you, I'd hook the MIDI Mouse up to my computer and look at what MIDI messages it's sending when you press it's buttons.  On Mac there's an app called MIDI Monitor which does this, and on Windows you can use MIDI OX.  Then, once you know what it's sending out you can double check in H9 Control how your H9 is configured to respond to these messages.  You just go into Pedal Settings / MIDI Settings.  You can find MIDI CC mappings under "Assign MIDI CC to pedal functions" and you can find program change mappings under "Program change receive map."  It's got to be sending either MIDI CC or program change messages, or some mix of the two.

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      Ok, so I downloaded the app and worked out that when it is search mode, there are actually no MIDI messages being sent… 

      The screenshot below shows what happens when I press the up button 4 times and then the down button in active mode. Is there a way that I can make these messages scroll through the H9 presets with the preset names displayed, without activating them? I would like to use the Midi Mouse to scroll and use the active switch on the H9 to activate/bypass the effect when I’m ready.  


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      *the screenshot of the MIDI Monitor app. 

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      Well, the H9 has pedal functions that can be assigned to MIDI CC messages that increment or decrement the preset without loading it, and there's another pedal function that emulates the active footswitch on the H9 and can be used to load a pending preset.  So, this can be done with a pedal that sends out MIDI CC messages, but it doesn't sound like the MIDI Mouse is capable of sending out anything but MIDI program change messages.

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      Oh well thats a shame. Thanks for all of your help though.

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      Given To Fly

      Here are links to the Tech 21 Midi Mouse and Midi Moose manuals:



      Hopefully they are useful to somebody. Also, as far as I know, Tech 21 has only made one MIDI equipped product which is the PSA 1.1. The PSA 1.1 is not a complicated preamp and I think the Midi Mouse and Midi Moose were both designed to match the PSA 1.1’s capabilities and nothing more. I’m just speculating though. Tech 21 is a great company by the way! 

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