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krcassid wrote:


I can’t help you on iPad – I use a usb cable from my PC to my H9 or Bluetooth on my PC – I tried 3 Bluetooth adapters till I found one that works great- ASUS USB-BT400 USB ADAPTER Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 3.0,2.1,2.0 compatible Works on Windows Xp through windows 8 I still have to manually connect to com 8 or whatever com your PC is using to send the Bluetooth signal on, works great.[/quote]


Thanks!  Unfortunately, I’ve had the same issue but BT, even with USB adapter recommended (the Startech from Amazon) does not work.  Spent 2 hours messing with com ports etc.  The computer sees the H9 but will not connect to it (H9 control usually crashes).  So, I went USB and it’s good.  Problem is, I really wanted to get another H9 core and I’m out of USB ports.  I’m concerned that running them on a hub may be problematic. 

Anybody out there succesfully running 2 H9s on a hub via USB on PC? 



I just tried 2 H9s on a USB hub.  No dice.  H9 control crashes.  I suppose I may try another hub.  This is definately a bummer if you can’t import presets to IPad (and I still can’t after many efforts), BT does not work on PC and USB hubs are problematic.  Makes it very hard to justify buying the 2nd H9 I just got.  For now, I’ve got it occupying 2 USB ports on the PC.  It works like this but I only have 3 ports and I have other  midi/ audio devices that really need their own USB port.  The USB BT thing is a great idea but does not appear to be workable.