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Tevilspek wrote:

The tuner deciding to turn on or not when I go into preset 000 is another matter..!

Are you loading the tuner with a MIDI CC or a MIDI program change?  It is possible to load the tuner with a program change in the latest firmware release for the H9, but H9 Control doesn't show you that option.  (We had some internal miscommunication about that feature…)  The next release of H9 Control should show you that option.

Tevilspek wrote:

But I only just got the second H9 today and I can't get it to change the active/bypass status on the second H9

You shouldn't need to do anything special here.  The 2nd H9 needs to be configured to listen to the correct MIDI channel of course and that MIDI CC needs to be mapped to the correct pedal function.  If that's set-up correctly, I'd plugin the MIDI cable into a computer and make sure that the expected MIDI message is actually being sent.  You can use MIDI Monitor on Mac or MIDI Ox on Windows to do this.

Tevilspek wrote:

The preset switches on the MkIV are latched, not momentary I'm guessing.

So when I cycle the switches for CC15 and CC16, I have to press four times to do a full cycle – active/active/bypass/bypass.

I need to click once into active to get the H9 to stay on, and have to click twice for bypass for it to stay off….

The H9 triggers its pedal function when the CC value crosses 64. It sounds like when you press the switches on the MkIV pressing once toggles on to 127, pressing again toggles off to 0, pressing again toggles on to 127, and so on.  So, every other press effectively does nothing.  Is that behavior not configurable on the MkIV?