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Thanks so much for the reply :).

Loading the tuner with CC 124 from memory.

What # is the program change please? Though I’d then have to work out how to do that exactly hah.

Ok I tried changing the on/off values to higher than 64 and it sure did turn on and off with each click, thank you.

But the issue then was that even when I saved CC15 and CC16 in the patch as active, when I turned that patch on, the active light quickly flashed on on the H9 then turned off. Even though when double checking CC15/16 for the preset and seeing they were turned on.

Not sure what’s going on there.. So in the end I just went back to four clicks..

I realised I’d somehow hit a button and changed CC16 to #103. Changed it back to #102 and it now turns on and off with the MkIV footswitch.

Starting to get on top of it. It’s seeming really fiddly, but the effects are so out of this world that I’m persevering 🙂