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I’m bumping this old thread because I never touched upon the Omnipressor mode without reverb.  Crazy-good.  It may be even more ‘tweak-able’ than a PigTronix Philosopher King, but the setup can be less obvious.  I use it for a variety of ‘dry’ envelope shapes.  Start out with the THRESHOLD control relatively high …  around -6.0 dB.  Then carefully  adjust the THRESHOLD for your own particular strength of pick / finger attack.  Fractional deciBels between -6.0 and 0.0 dB can make a big difference in the output.

This preset starts out with a ‘slow gear’ effect, with a ramping attack & 1-second RELEASE time.  The expression pedal lengthens that envelope decay to 4 seconds.  Make adjustments to that ‘recovery’ time so that you don’t step on the next notes played.

The HotSwitch shifts the envelope to fast attack + quick release.  Clipped, funky notes (plus a THRESHOLD that worked better for my picking style).  Combinations of HotSwitch’ed & expression pedal allow you to create many different envelope shapes on-the-fly.

Expression Pedal Heel  RELEASE  1.00S

Expression Pedal Toe   RELEASE   4.00 S


HotSwitch OFF  ATTACK  0.200 S

HotSwitch OFF  RELEASE  1.00 S

HotSwitch OFF  THRESHOLD  – 6.0 dB

HotSwitch  ON   ATTACK  0.002 S

HotSwitch  ON   RELEASE 0.005 S

HotSwitch  ON   THRESHOLD – 3.0 dB