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I just got my 2 new H9s and struggled with IPAD/ Bluetooth for awhile before hardwiring to PC.  Now that everytung is working, I’m sure I’ll have stuff to share soon. 

I can share this:  A big problem for me was that you can’t use the H9 switch for both expression & tap.  All of my pedals are hardwired to one tap pedal.  But, I just found a really cool product that will allow you to sync all your midi capable pedals to a tap switch.  It’s the Tempode by Molten Volatage.  I’ve got that and one of their 1/4 midi splitters coming.  This solves a big problem for me by alowing me to sync midi clock to tap on the H9s.  Don’t know if many of you guys have looked at this but its a cheap ($150) solution to getting all your time based EFX on the same clock and freeing up the jacks for Exp pedal (I use Missions Expressionator to control 3 devices w/ 1 pedal)