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Whoa, Nick!  Many thanks for the detailed info on the detuning.  I appreciate sharing the “secret sauce” on this preset.  smiley

I tried those settings last night and, yes, it was right there from what I remember from the on-line Eclipse demo.  I’m a bit surprised by the symmetry of the pitch shifts and that they’re actually narrower than what I was trying.  Also, I had the wider shifts at the same level as the narrower ones so it’s good to know to back the formers off a bit.  That said, I also really like my asymmetric setting too as it’s a bit more “organic” and “grainy” than the defaults.  Conversely, the narrower shifts result in a “tighter” and more “focused” tone to my ear.  (Gawd, I hate trying to describe audio qualities with esoteric adjectives!)

Thanks again for the awesome support!