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krcassid wrote:

I'm having a major problem getting my 2 H9s to respond to midi clock.  I just had my board redone w/ midi specifically because the H9s won't allow tap and expression so I dropped a fair amount of $ on a midi clock generator and a thru box.  THey are working on other devides (IE strymons) perfectly.  But, when I plug midi cable into either of the H9s, nothing.  I cannot get it to respond to the midio clock being sent.  I have the newest software (5.2) in both H9s.   Midi Clock in is turned on in the H9s.  I am not connected via USB.  Tempo is on.  The tap light blinks to the preset's tempo but when I send new temp via midi cable, nothing changes.  The tap light continues to bling at the presets "native" tempo.  So, I hooked one up to  my Pro Tools rig (via MOTU MTPAV) and sent clock that  way.  It appears to double the clock (tempo set to 120 BPM, tap light is blinking frantically).  I cannot get either of the 2 H9s to respond appropriately.  The same setup is working perfectly w/ 2 Strymons and an Echolutions.   This is really a bummer as I dropped $400 on tap to clock generator (Molten Lava Tempode), midi thru box power for these devices and angled midi cables.

Any ideas?  I feel like I've tried everything.




I think you just need to turn on Global Tempo.  The presets will load at their saved Tempo values unless you have Global Tempo set to ON.  It's in the main system menu under GLOBAL.  Try this and let us know if it works for you.