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wedelich wrote:

I think you just need to turn on Global Tempo.  The presets will load at their saved Tempo values unless you have Global Tempo set to ON.  It’s in the main system menu under GLOBAL.  Try this and let us know if it works for you. 

Yes, I tried all of above with both Global tempo on and off.  It seems to have no effect.  I have tried every concievable combination of Global Tempo, Midi clk in, midi clk out…  The H9s simpy won’t respond to external clock.  Now, I note that in a number of discussions of this issue, people refer to how the tempos “load” with the presets.  I am not really concened with how they load.  All I want is for each preset to either:

A.) Load with it’s internal tempo

B.) Change that tempo if I send it a midi clock signal

This is how all my other digital devices respond. 

Since I have seen a lot of discussion of global tempo on/ off with people having these clock issues, I’d like to clarify:  If Global tempo is off and Midi clock in is on,  a preset should still respond to a midi clock message once loaded, right?