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spaceJam wrote:

I’m sorry to read about your problems. I had a MIDI Clock problem before but I solved it when I replaced a Timeline with a Boss DD-500.


What happens if you get rid of the thru box and daisy chain all of your pedals? Just make sure to have anything but your H9s first in the chain; Eventide stompboxes are well known for not the doing the MIDI thru job very well. The Strymons will do it right.


Have you tried using the same cables that you are using for the Strymons and the Echolution?


By the way, do you know you could use your H9 as a MIDI clock source?


Yes, I tried eliminating the thru box and tried different cables.  The exact same cable (coming straight from Tempode) that is working with Timeline, Mobius and Echolutions 2 does not work with either H9.  I know my clock source and cables are good as I’ve checked them with all the other devices.  I’ve also used a different clock source (ProTools via MOTU MTPAV) and this works with the other devices. So, I’m 100% confident the H9s are getting good clock.  It’s something in the setup of the H9s (or just bad hardware/ software in the H9s).  I’m hoping it’s “operator error” and that I’ve just got them set wrong but I feel like I’ve tried everything.

I did consider using one of the devices as a source and daisy chaining.  But, eventually, I want to be able to run PCs and CCs and this gets tricky with everything daisy chained.  I also felt like using a single thru box would give me a more stable clock and less latency than daisy chaining.  I’ve got 6 pedals getting clock on  that board (in addition to several getting tap).  Daisy chaining 6 seemed a lot.  But, the botom line is that I didn’t need to even use midi clock at all except for the H9s.  All the others will accept external tap and exp pedals.  The H9 does not give you this option.  So, really, all this was to use Exp pedals w/ h9s.  I had a Tap distribution system in place.

Still hoping that somebody can point to operator error.