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krcassid wrote:

Thanks!  Will do.  To do this, does Global TEmpo need to be on or off?  This has been suggested but I did not want global tempo, only tempo changes where I send clock.

Global tempo doesn't need to be on.  I should mention though that each preset has a tempo mode, and you'll want the preset's tempo mode to be on if you want it to respond to MIDI Clock.  Whether or not it's on or off, you should see the BPM being received by the H9 displayed on its screen, but you'll only hear the changes if tempo mode is on, meaning if you're running a delay for example you'll only hear the delay times change if tempo mode is on.  Tempo mode is represented by the square button in H9 Control, and you can toggle between tempo mode being on or off on the H9 itself by pressing the right footswitch and the preset switch simultaneously.