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gkellum wrote:

Well, generally speaking, you should be able to do this.  I just hooked up a TimeFactor to an H9 running the latest firmware, and the H9 was following the TimeFactor’s tempo correctly:


Could you try hooking up just your two H9s directly — configuring the first H9 to transmit MIDI Clock and the second H9 to receive MIDI Clock — to see if you can get the second H9 to follow the tempo of the first one?   


Well, I don’t know why, but this worked.  And, when I unplugged the 2 and gave them both a clock source from the Tempode, that worked too!   It is almost as if the 1st H9 woke up the 2nd and said “Hey!  Pay attn!”. 

However, although the tempos are showing the same, the flashing tempo LEDs are not synced.  This was true in both cases: one H9 synced to the other and both synched to the Tempode clock generator.   This is a little troubling.  The tempos read identically in BPM but the LEDs are off by a fare margin (almost 180 degrees).  This behavior is consistent regardless of tempo speed or how many times I set tempo.  Using the Strymon Timeline, by comparison, it chases the clock perfectly and is exactly in step with my taps on the Tempode.  The 2 H9s are running at the same tempo.  But, niether of their LEDS are blinking at the same rate as the Timeline.  I haven’t had a chance to test audio to see if it’s just the LEDs but this is disconcerting.  Alll my other devices are blinking in unison.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help!  We are getting closer!