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Hi Dio,
When any of the Eventide pedals are first turned on the ma current draw is a bit higher than then running state. I’m sure the ‘arena blitz’ all on led light show is a big part of the reason. This startup system wide light check routine is also present on my Eventide Eclipse… At first I thought it was a bummer because it contributes to the fact that most of the available multi power supplies can’t handle the work but I kinda dig the light show now!
In any case the T-Rex power supply seems to tolerate the over current state at the brief startup of the Eventide pedals…most good power supplies have to be able to handle short temporary overloads but I would be careful not to have too many pedals starting up at the same time all on this one Trex power supply. The Eventide Power Factor 2 is an excellent solution but it carries a price tag too…it really does cost more to make and ship a heavier duty power supply!
Good luck Dio,