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      Hey mates,

      I’m looking for an alternative to power my Factors (a ModFactor and a TimeFactor), other than the stock supply provided with them (for the sake of facility).

      As I’ve read earlier, it seems that a supply that generates 12V/300mA could work just fine to power them. And I found the T-Rex Juicy Lucy, which has exactly this capability, at a reasonable price here in Brazil…

      I’ve found just a unique comment about the Juicy Lucy with the Factors, of five years ago (2010).


      So, if you guys could clarify this to me, I’ll be very pleased, specially cause the things economically aren’t the best here at this moment!


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      The advice I would give you is that the voltage on your supply needs to match the voltage required on the pedal, and you should always feed more ma than required.  The pedal will only use what it needs, but if you dont give it enough available amperage, you might damage your pedal.  I dont know the polarity on your pedals, make sure you know what is positive and negative before you start a small structure fire.


      That being said, A Voodoo Labs Pedal Power digital has a pair of 9v/12v 400ma outs which should suit yor needs, plus a pair of 9v 400ma outs (all isolated too) for more pedalboard goodness, like perhaps a Pair of H9’s?  (Reverse tip for those!)



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      Hi Dio,
      When any of the Eventide pedals are first turned on the ma current draw is a bit higher than then running state. I’m sure the ‘arena blitz’ all on led light show is a big part of the reason. This startup system wide light check routine is also present on my Eventide Eclipse… At first I thought it was a bummer because it contributes to the fact that most of the available multi power supplies can’t handle the work but I kinda dig the light show now!
      In any case the T-Rex power supply seems to tolerate the over current state at the brief startup of the Eventide pedals…most good power supplies have to be able to handle short temporary overloads but I would be careful not to have too many pedals starting up at the same time all on this one Trex power supply. The Eventide Power Factor 2 is an excellent solution but it carries a price tag too…it really does cost more to make and ship a heavier duty power supply!
      Good luck Dio,

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      camilok… I’d be really greatful to have not only a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital – in the fact, a Voodoo Lab 4×4 would be even better – but the pair of H9’s too! I like the Factors’ algorithms, and would be really awesome to have some of them, specially the ones that aren’t found in the TF and MF (the ones from PitchFactor and Space)! However, it’s being impossible to find one of these here in Brazil… at least, in an affordable price! The devaluation of the real made the sellers (even the ones selling used stuff) became crazy…


      alancarl, I thought exactly that… the start up is the moment when they have more consumption of current, but if they work flawlessly with the continuous 300mA after the start up, it’ll be the answer – light, affordable, isolated. As not a lot of pedals work with 12V, I’d power just one or two OD’s with the Factors, as I already have a BBE SuparCharger and a Voodoo ISO 5 to power everything else… I could, inclusive, power each Eventide with two outputs of the Juicy Lucy… the unique trouble would be to find the cable to double the current, as I never seen one of those here!

      Cheers mates!

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      Hey Dio,
      This must be a sizable pedal board if you are using the other two power supplies for ‘everything else’!
      I keep trying to live with a small pedal board but I am always trying to fit one too-many stompboxes into the mix:-)
      I guess it helps keep the gear business going…
      Also even here that current doubler cable is not readily available… I’ve often wondered if Eventide would give us the option to have the lights go on sequentially at startup… I’m pretty sure it’s a corporate policy to give us that cool lighting blitz as most of the Eventide devices I’ve encountered crank up the burners as a hello world gesture!
      Rock on !

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      alan, I have a ton of ODs and fuzzes to complement my Laney TI15, being able to vary the tonal character of my gain structure a bit! I don’t have a pure clean tone, but I can manage a semi-clean with the volume knob ’til a full saturated with the boosts/fuzzes! And, in the FX loop, I have the delays and modulations, plus clean booster and a spot for a (future) graphic EQ. So, yes, it’s not HUGE, but I could say it’s, at least, a sizeable board!


      And now, I discovered a place that sells the Visual Sound/Truetone CL6 converter, that think I can use to invert the polarity of the cables flawlessly to work properly with the Eventides (as they state in the manual of the new iso supplies). So, now, If I discover a place that sells the current doubler, well, it’s done! Could catch the Juicy Lucy, use two outputs for each Eventide, and the last one to power one of the ODs… just like that, without any worries! kkkkkkk

      Cheers mate

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