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brock wrote:

spaceJam wrote:
… By the way, [SMOOTH] is not on the manual, it should be after [CHROMATIC] in pg.7  I think.


[SMOOTH] is noted as a 1% increment, with the list below that giving musical intervals + percentages.  As for reset to [OCTAVES], I've always assumed that was the default intended behavior.  Same page of manual:

"Note: During loop recording, Resolution will always return to OCTAVES. This guarantees that the immediate playback speed occurs at the recorded speed."

FWIW, I use the H9 Control app 95% of the time for setting up presets.  It's so much easier.  Most live control has already been pre-configured to happen over MIDI.  I will check back the [OCTAVES] behavior using the H9 itself, as time permits.

As brock points out, it's all in the Looper manual, it's just pretty exhuastive and hard to find.  The resolution does in fact always return to OCTAVES when recording on TimeFactor and H9.    

We found everyone wants to use Loopers in very different ways, and we did this because most people prefered their immediate playback to be at the pitch/speed they recorded it in (more standard Looper usage).  It was a tradeoff where we effectively "punish" the power users or people who want more complexity with a more complex solution.  Or, for lack of a better way of putting it, a dummy-proofing.   That said,  a simple workaround is to change the speed resolution after you start recording with an expression pedal, aux switch, midi cc, etc.