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camilok… I’d be really greatful to have not only a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital – in the fact, a Voodoo Lab 4×4 would be even better – but the pair of H9’s too! I like the Factors’ algorithms, and would be really awesome to have some of them, specially the ones that aren’t found in the TF and MF (the ones from PitchFactor and Space)! However, it’s being impossible to find one of these here in Brazil… at least, in an affordable price! The devaluation of the real made the sellers (even the ones selling used stuff) became crazy…


alancarl, I thought exactly that… the start up is the moment when they have more consumption of current, but if they work flawlessly with the continuous 300mA after the start up, it’ll be the answer – light, affordable, isolated. As not a lot of pedals work with 12V, I’d power just one or two OD’s with the Factors, as I already have a BBE SuparCharger and a Voodoo ISO 5 to power everything else… I could, inclusive, power each Eventide with two outputs of the Juicy Lucy… the unique trouble would be to find the cable to double the current, as I never seen one of those here!

Cheers mates!