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alan, I have a ton of ODs and fuzzes to complement my Laney TI15, being able to vary the tonal character of my gain structure a bit! I don’t have a pure clean tone, but I can manage a semi-clean with the volume knob ’til a full saturated with the boosts/fuzzes! And, in the FX loop, I have the delays and modulations, plus clean booster and a spot for a (future) graphic EQ. So, yes, it’s not HUGE, but I could say it’s, at least, a sizeable board!


And now, I discovered a place that sells the Visual Sound/Truetone CL6 converter, that think I can use to invert the polarity of the cables flawlessly to work properly with the Eventides (as they state in the manual of the new iso supplies). So, now, If I discover a place that sells the current doubler, well, it’s done! Could catch the Juicy Lucy, use two outputs for each Eventide, and the last one to power one of the ODs… just like that, without any worries! kkkkkkk

Cheers mate