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Thanks for chiming in Sean.

Yeah, having 6 realtime control footswitches yet no way to increment a preset with a single press is endlessly frustrating in live performance. The “Increment and load preset” option within aux switch mappings in the H9 Control app already exists when controlling TimeFactor… Perhaps the option could actually be implemented?

smj wrote:
The current preset switching scenario w/the H9 bugs me to no end. It’s just not intuitive for me as I’ve constantly made mistakes live as I’m futzing w/it to get to the preset I want. How about….in the menus the user can select the function of each switch. For me, the right one scrolls up and the left scrolls down… automatically engaging the effect w/o an extra step. For users who like it the way it is… They can set parameters to default setting. Sean Meredith-Jones http://www.seanmeredithjones.com Would it really be that hard?