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spaceJam wrote:

Something really helpful would be a list of recommended MIDI controllers that work 100% with all the features the Eventide stompboxes offer.

I thought about doing this at the same time we were putting together a list of recommended expression pedals.  The problem is that (1) people are using MIDI controllers to do quite different things and (2) most people just want a cheap simple MIDI footswitch with a few buttons, and (3) none of the cheap MIDI footswitches seem to be programmable.  Some are sending out MIDI CC messages.  Others are sending out MIDI program change messages.  No two boxes seem to work alike, and no single box seems to work with all of the features that Eventide stompboxes offer.

Really it seems like the only way to get a simple MIDI controller nowadays that does exactly what you want is to do what dmessick did and spend $30 on some parts using a layout and code anyone can download from the internet: