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Well maybe it’s my own understanding of what happens behind the scenes that is wrong.

The picture I have in mind is that the processor is taking each input if present, computes a wet stereo signal, and mixes the dry and the wet signals on the outputs depending on the jacks that are connected  and routing config.

For instance if you take the setup where input 1 and 2 are connected but you only plug output 1, the H9 will mix everything into a mono output so I’m assuming there is a capability somewhere to decide where you want to mix the wet and dry signals. Similarily with the WET/DRY routing, you can have a mix of dry signals on one output, and a mix of wet signals on the other output. To get dual mono I think that would be mixing dry and wet from input 1 to output 1, dry and wet from input 2 to output 2.

Which again is why I was referring to this as a routing topic.

I certainly don’t expect you guys to rewrite all the effects.