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But what I need to know is: what IF my issues, after reinstalling the firmware or downgrading the firmware, will still remain ?

Do you change my stompboxes for free? Should I pay for this ? I don’t want to seem stingy, but after buying all this pedals, the racks, all the plug ins, and also the accessories (Ciocks) it would be really absurd to spend more money !! I’am an Eventide user since I was a pro…and, as I already said, I don’t want to change and switch to Tc, Strymon, Fractal and stuff like that. Both for the studio that for the live.

then, WHY I have this noises ? And, about our topic on the “beta version”, I wasn’t talking about the firmware or the software…I’m talking about the hardware. Are my factor pedals a first release/beta version/prototype ?  

Then, just in case, how is possible to damage all the memories chips of all this 4 pedals ?

I always used this stompboxes in studio with their original power supplies. Then I’ve buyed the Coicks’s PF (the brand new one)

So, please let me know. Tomorrow I’ll try with the downgrade and I’ll let you know.

Thank you for your time !

All the best in music.

Dario Vero