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Hi Dan !!!

Just downgraded my Tf machine.

Sounds better. But unfortunately clicks are still in the feedback. 

It’s a sort of digital clpi (but is not !! on the Pt meters everything goes ok).

Especially when I stroke hard. (every peak is a issue)

Anyway, with this downgrade the noises are 50% less then when I’ve mouned the5.2  frimware. So:

1)For years no issues…now issues because of a software !?!?! Is that a joke !? 

2) ok now I have less clicks, but…they still are in the delays (and when the dsp is on). 

3) I’d like to have an upgradable machine !!! 

4) before this upgrade everything was perfect.

5) I made a phone call to Funky Junk. They say that for a pedal only it’s about 230 € more or less (with shipping) !!!!!! I hope this charge and all the repair will be yours !!! 

6) I’d like to know, now or after you will fix/change the pedal, if I’ll be able to upraade all the other pedals ! As I said, I really want a regular pedal; not a “beta hardware” that is not updatable !!!

Tomorrow I’ll do another test. I’ll switch on all the pedals at 9 ‘o’clock. Then at 2 P.M. I’ll start playing.

Let see what will happen. Anyway, now it’s seems like a problem of the Time Factor only, not the others.

Thank you in advance.

Please let me know because tomorrow (evening Italy time) I’ll have to send you the pedal/s from Funky Junk Italy-Rome.


Have a nice day.


Dario Vero