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verodario wrote:

Just downgraded my Tf machine.

Sounds better. But unfortunately clicks are still in the feedback. 

It's a sort of digital clpi (but is not !! on the Pt meters everything goes ok).

Especially when I stroke hard. (every peak is a issue)

Well, it sounds like you're just clipping the signal when you go into the TimeFactor.  If so, you'll want to make sure that the TimeFactor is set to expect a line level signal if you're sending it a line level signal, and if that's set correctly, you'll want to see if you can reduce the gain of the signal going into the TimeFactor.  But of course without a video showing the problem, we can only guess what the problem actually is.

If you do want to send your TimeFactor in for us to take a look at, you'll need to write support@eventide.com for an RMA, or you could take it to Funky Junk.  If your TimeFactor is still under warranty, repairs are covered by the warranty.  Otherwise, Eventide just like every other electronic manufacturer charges a repair fee; you can ask support@eventide.com or the distributor what the fee is.

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I would suggest that you make an effort to determine whether your TimeFactor is just clipping before you send it in, because sending it in will be a waste of time if it's just clipping.



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