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Unfortunately that’s not fixed it.

I’ve been trying to demo the looper.

Today I first tried another algo. It worked. Then I tried the looper, it just failed to do anything. Tried something else, that worked. Tried the looper again, nothing. Tried something else again, that failed.

Sometimes it says it’s going to the presets and I get “Connection error with stompbox”. But the “link” is still spinning and after the demo times out it returns to my purchased algos and it works fine, I can change algos, presets, tweak from the control app etc  – I would have thought if the connection with the stompbox was lost then I wouldn’t be able to do this?

Is there something about the looper? While I’ve had problems with others it’s been after trying the looper and I think every other a;lgo I’ve tried I’ve been able to get it to work at least once.

Purchasing also seems to work ok.

Very odd.