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I have the latest software, Iv’e had the H9 over a year and have sort of simplified my use, I have had an expression pedal set up w/ an aux and it worked, also was using this aux before for toggling the tuner, it’s was a small silver GK aux switch, has a little light letting you know when it’s engaged, also have a sml Fender channel select switch also, I think they’ve both worked in the past, Iv’e been trying straigh 6′ gtr cables to stereo cables all the different tip/ring combos nothing has wked, Iv’e gone into utilities  etc…having streamlined it to a 1/2 dozen presets or so, engaging the double switch for tuner has been an issue for the last few gigs, don’t know whats up, no vids on this guess Iv’e disengaged something, maybe just scour the manual..