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There were some informative posts last year at TGP; one under a title like “nothing else can do the RV-5 Modulate”.  I’m not so sure about that, but the thread had some speculations about parameter settings and the effect structure.  Someone mentioned the H9 / SPACE factory preset F13 1985 Damage.  If you compare that to the online demos (I haven’t used an RV-5 in years), it’s similar.

One poster detailed how the early reflections in the RV-5 are not modulated, but the main reverb decay feeds a stereo chorus.  Given that, the Hall algorithm does seem to be the best fit for an RV-5 emulation.  I have a base Hall preset that blends in several kinds of FREEZE with a modulated reverb tail.  This one is programmed to sound ‘big’.

Expression Pedal Heel: LOW DECAY – DCY X 1.0

Expression Pedal Heel: HIGH DECAY – DCY X 4.0

Expression Pedal Toe:  LOW DECAY –  FREEZE

Expression Pedal Toe:  HIGH DECAY –  FREEZE

HotSwitch OFF:  DECAY  –  10.0 S

HotSwitch ON:  DECAY  –  FREEZE

The staggered parameter ranges in the expression pedal allow different combinations of decays, infinite, and freeze settings.  Dry signal is still run through the main reverb decay, which can also be frozen independently by the HotSwitch.  Modulation in the Hall algo appears to be controlled by a random waveform, and locked to one rate.  If you’re not concerned about an exact emulation, there are several other algorithms that can capture the general feel of the RV-5.  More to come …