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This might be an unorthodox choice, but the Shimmer algorithm adds a bit more “bloom” to the reverb that I like.  The subtle modulation comes from slight, complementary pitch shifts.  The expression pedal spreads these shifts to more than a quarter tone each way.  The HotSwitch jumps to +/- one octave with a deeper mix, as another option.  Just because you can …

Expression Pedal Heel:  A-PITCH  -10 c 

Expression Pedal Heel:  B-PITCH   10 c   

Expression Pedal Heel:  A-PITCH  -30 c   

Expression Pedal Heel:  B-PITCH   30 c

HotSwitch OFF:  MIX  25

HotSwitch OFF:  A-PITCH  -10 c

HotSwitch OFF:  B-PITCH  10 c

HotSwitch  ON:  MIX  35

HotSwitch  ON:  A-PITCH  -1200 c

HotSwitch  ON:  B-PITCH   1200 c