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hayes greenfield
Bob_B wrote:

I’m a sax player and  just started playing around with pitchfactor. I’d like to hear from fellow horn players about what setting they’re using. Any suggestions on good places to begin experimenting? Thanks.

Hi Bob, I’ve been using it for a few years now, absolutely love it and use it for a lot of things.  Which sax do you play? I mostly play alto and C melody Sax.  Something that I found useful is to set the sourse instrument that works the best for you. It has 4 types of Source Instruments that you can choose from – GUITAR, BASS, SYNLEAD, SYNBASS. look at the manual for this.  I forget which one I use but I recently switched it and feel it responds better.

In terms of where to begin start with Diatonic, pick a key you want to play in, set two different intervals, the mount you want to hear of each note in relation to the note you are playing and blow a bit.  Then mess with the delay for each interval and their feedback.  Then play with the types of scales.  Then do this is the Quadrovox setting and that will really blow your mind. 

There is tons of stuff I’m still trying to figure o

ut and get to. It’s really an extraordinary box and has tremendous depth and range.  In many ways I feel I’m just scratching the surface of what it does and I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years and use it all the time.  I recently just started using one of the patches in the Synthesizer mode and love it.  Go figure.

Good luck with it!